Elite Learning offer a unique Educational program through development of language, with individual programs conducted in small group learning sessions for pre-kindy and kindy ages. The programs are designed to develop your Child’s true potential, through targeted individual learning, group learning, engaged teacher student interaction, language development and cultural understanding.

Available Programs 
    • Half Sessions
    • Full Sessions
    • Multiple Days
    • Pre-Kindy Age
    • Kindy Age
    • Languages

Core Focus

    • Language Experience
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Languages

Areas Covered 

    • Language
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Art
    • Social


Small group work achieves more for students who are under the age of 6 years old. The first 6 years of life are the vital importance of student’s brain development and through learning in small groups this can be accomplished at Elite learning. Read More…


As we teach in small groups, we are always interactive with the students, completing different learning experiences throughout the day. Because we interact with our students they significantly improve and are well pre-pared for Kindy, pre-primary and complete schooling a lot easier. Read more…


At Elite Learning Language is our core focus.

Some aspects we concentrate on include:

    • phonics,
    • name writing,
    • alphabet recognition and writing,
    • mathematics,
    • expressive language, and
    • literacy enhancement

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Focusing on the individual developmental needs and making sure that socially, emotionally, physically, every student has progressed to their maximum learning capabilities. If the student is lacking in any area this will be professionally addressed, where the student comes first to improve strength in this area. Read more…


We encourage cultures at Elite Learning. As we teach the students that there are other parts of the world they will develop a sense of ownership and connection to people around them.

We promote second languages and bilingualism as exposure to different languages enhances cognitive ability.


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Developing childrens true potential

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