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About Us

Elite Learning offers a unique Educational program providing small group learning for pre-kindy and kindy ages, focusing on language, with individual programs conducted interactively. Elite Learning offers every child an individual program, striving towards excellence in all areas of development.


Our Vision

To provide a quality educational service that is interactive, individually crafted and group based, concentrating on language development and understanding cultural diversity. Where every child has individualised learning, with a language focused educational purpose for all children enabling their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development to expand.



Our Beliefs

  •      Every child is an individual and has their own strengths


  •     Parents and educators provide the most influence on the child’s education


  •     Encourage, nurture and respect each child


  •     Language opens the child’s mind to greater opportunity


  •     Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.




Our Values

  •     Respect – each other with dignity and understanding


  •     Family – requires work, play, and love


  •     Trust – one another


  •     Diversity – each culture has its own characteristics