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Thank you for your message and the pic you sent today.

Yes, she told us what she learned at school and how much she enjoyed today’s music lesson.

I’ve immagined but am really impressed by your passion for children’s learning.

At the same time we’re also impressed by Kelly’s ‘fishing’ english words these days.

We think it is really best timing for her to start at your school.

Thank you so much for your all support and see you tomorrow.

Thanks always for letting us know how Tinele is doing at school and we’re also amazed by her improving English. she always says ‘ I am learning English with teacher Sonia’s school!

Thank you. I really appreciate what you and the school are doing. Terence gets the benefits of it.


I am glad to hear that Brendon is excelling.  After our experience with the older kids, we wanted the younger kids to have a more relaxed yet challenging environment to grow up in.  We feel that has allowed Brendon to be his very natural self.
Thank you for watching over him and providing him with challenges that match his innate ability and interests.  I must say Elite Learning has evolved quite a bit in the last few months, all in the positive direction.  So congratulations!
We look forward to more fun and exciting days for Brendon as he grows.

Dear teacher Sonia

Thanks for your wonderful note,

We’re also surprised to hear that Sandra has already started to learn Phonics at your school…We all like the short story’s that you send us every week, we’re always happy to hear she tells us about your school and how/what she learnt and enjoyed.

You are special and I wish I could have found you sooner… Matt is enjoying the two days. He keeps saying he likes teachers there….and the artwork he brings home is great 😉 I have read the newsletter and like all the ideas… Thank you for the sensitive approach to Matt mainly at the beginning. I like your enthusiasm in teaching our unfocused and wiggly little ones 😉 It costs so much energy!